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Governmental Net Metering

Governmental Net Metering 

Available to federal, state or local governmental entities that have submitted an Interconnection Application for a qualifying Net Metering Facility and that demonstrate an inability to execute the mutual indemnification language required by the Cooperative pursuant to provisions in the New Mexico Interconnections Standards Manual and New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Rule 17.9.568 NMAC. Customers participating in this rate must demonstrate their inability pursuant to applicable statue of law to agree to fully indemnify the Cooperative from any and all liability that may result from the negligence or international act of the Customer in relation to the interconnections 

Monthly Rate

Customers shall be billed for service in accordance with the applicable rate structure and monthly charges that would apply to the Customer if the Customer had not interconnected a net metering facility with the Cooperative.

Consumed kWh greater than Generated kWh

Energy Charge: The member will be charged the monthly rate on the net kWh consumed, including all applicable adjustments and taxes, set forth in the tariff under which the participating customer is presently served.

Generated kWh greater than Consumed kWh

Energy Charge: The member will be credited for excess kilowatt-hours generated at the utility's avoided cost for interconnections greater than 25KVA. The customer charge covers costs of providing electric service, including operation and maintenance of facilities, consumer accounting expenses and other administrative costs. 

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